Q: What do I need to send you to get some CDs or DVDs made?

A: You need to supply all artwork in electronic format (eg photoshop); a README file with the artwork detailing the parameters used (DPI, etc); a printed version of the artwork; a working master of what you want duplicated; all necessary licenses for the content of the master; permission for us to perform the duplication service; payment. You can request a quote in advance.

Q: Why do you need a printed version of the artwork?

A: The finished product can sometimes come out differently than what you had imagined or what was on your screen. Having a printed version of it from you helps us to properly match the colors and print clarity.

Q: Why do I need to include permission for you to duplicate the disks?

A: Most CDs and DVDs have a stipulation saying that it is unlawful to copy the disk. This allows us to legally duplicate the disk(s) for you.

Q: Do you supply a barcode?

A: We are not a distributer and therefore do not supply barcodes for your project. If your project is a music CD and you need a barcode or if you need a distributer, I highly recommend CDBaby (cdbaby.com). They can handle the distribution both physically and electronically of your project, for a small fee they can supply you with a barcode and will register it with SoundExchange.

Q: You say you are not a distributer but your home page says you will provide fulfillment. What is the difference?

A: Our fulfillment services save you the time, cost and trouble of receiving a shipment of discs from us, repackaging them and sending them out to your client. Say you select CDBaby as your distribution channel and us as your duplicator. We can create and send copies of your project to CDBaby as needed. Or a B&M store that sells your CD is running low, we can ship a quantity directly to them at your call or they can place their order directly with us and we will send you a check for the difference.

Q: How do you handle copyrighted material?

A: All projects are prescreened for copyrighted material. If your CD, DVD or VHS tape contains copyrighted material not owned by you, you must provide proof of license from the necessary organisation at the time of your order. No exceptions. We aim to please, but we also aim to remain in business!

For more information on copyrights and licensing, contact ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, the Harry Fox Agency, Swank Motion Pictures, Criterion Pictures, Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) and the US Library of Congress Copyright Office.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: The typical turnaround is 5 days or less. The larger the project, the more time it will take, however we can ship partial orders should you need. Whatever we can do to make it convenient for you.

Q: Can you handle rush jobs?

A: Yes, rush jobs are typically not a problem, provided we don't already have a rush job or more ahead of you. While we can provide rush service for you, you need to remember that the duplication process still takes time and so does shipping. We can overnight your order so you get it in time, but it won't be cheap!

Q: Do you have templates for creating the artwork?

A: Yes we do. If you use Gimp for your design software use this template set. If you use Photoshop, use this template set. If you have neither or need some design software, I recommend Gimp. It's powerful, it uses alot of the same keyboard commands as Photoshop and best of all it's FREE!