Ordering Info
Here is some important info about placing your order that will help to make thin gs go smoother.

CDs and DVDs
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We no longer stock CDs for color printing with clear hubs. If you absolutely insist, we can special order them for your project. There is no extra cost, but there will be a delay. The same applies to silver printable discs.
Some projects require clear trays and double sided printing of the tray cards. This is not a problem, there is an extra cost involved and extra time since we do not stock the trays. Expect to add seven days to the time expected to complete the project.
If you know you need your order by a certain date, get it here in plenty of time to account for shipping and any possible artwork problems that may arise.
Although we try to make you feel like you are our only customer, our schedule is very tight and telling us to start a job and the artwork will be along later in the week or here is the artwork so you can get started and you will mail the master tomorrow, we hope you will understand that it will not happen that way. Only after everything is here, will we schedule your project.
Templates are available for Gimp and Photoshop.
When creating the artwork, use layers if your software supports it. It makes it easier if changes are needed.
Submitting your project
We've discontinued online ordering. There were too many issues with various browsers
You can either email your artwork or put it on a CD and mail it with your master. Contact us if you want to email it.
Send your master to:
nobucks dot net
790 Glaspie Rd.
Oxford, MI 48371
If you send it Express Mail, FedEx or UPS, DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE. It will delay your order if they try to deliver it before we get in.